Lela Orchids in Crystal, Fine Art Platters

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We offer Orchids in Crystal, Fine Art Platters.

“Lela,” Beautiful museum-quality art crystal platters. A unique process, creating depth to showcase a handmade, finely detailed, hand painted Japanese clay Phalaenopsis orchid. The orchids are nearly botanically correct.

A collectable - one-of a-kind-divinely inspired. Each piece is hand gilded in 24 Kt gold or platinum leaf. “Lela” Art Crystal, reflecting beauty, luminosity, a style so simple and elegant, yet so refined.

The Orchids are so life like, it is hard to believe they are not real! Seeing is believing...
Truly, Capturing the Essence of Beauty...

Sizes:   11 - inch round        16 - inch round         20 - inch round.

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Due to physical injury, the artist is not able to fulfill orders currently.
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